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Written By: jOakes

The Kardashians are a three-headed monster. Gays should be allowed to marry. The Kardashians should not. The “beautiful” one, Kim, may have the standard trappings of comeliness, but that’s precisely the problem — she is bland-looking, and, intellectually speaking, her head seems to contain brain cells the way a snow globe holds snow. If Kim shakes her cranium too much, her thoughts become scattered. It’s not really the fault of the sisters, all this obnoxious hype. They eat paparazzi flashbulbs for lunch. They’re filling a public demand — and their egos simultaneously. They’re killing three Kardashians with one stone. They’re just your standard Beverly Hills brats — Paris Hilton split three ways — and so the real culprits are the millions of people who try to keep up with them — as well as news-media programs that should know better, and yet continue to spread Kardashian exposure like a bad rumor (or thick, dense butter that could use a whipping).

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